Community Care Thanks Northumberland United Way for their ‘Local Love’:

Oct 7, 2022 | News

‘Community Impact Investment Funding’ will support ‘Seniors at Home’ and ‘Stretcher Transfer Services’

Northumberland County, ON – October 3, 2022 – Community Care Northumberland (CCN) is thankful to have funding from the Northumberland United Way’s “Community Impact Investment Funding”, supporting our most vulnerable seniors in our community with CCN’s ‘Supporting Seniors at Home‘ and ‘Stretcher Transfer’ services.

This will help support our Home at Last (HAL) program, while at the same time provide subsidy to clients that need additional help to use other CCN services such as Meals on Wheels, Wellness and Transportation. This investment funding also helps CCN launch its own Stretcher Service (by retro fitting CCN vans), and helping to fill a gap in services, while minimizing the cost to Northumberland residents.

The goal and reasoning for the Stretcher Service is to provide a dignified mode of transportation, with the hope of lessening the wait time for transport, including transportation to Ed’s House Northumberland Hospice Care Centre.

Trish Baird, CEO of CNN comments, “Our goal is to grow the stretcher service to lessen wait times and family burden, while at the same time, help individuals in Northumberland County receive this service in a responsive, reliable, and affordable manner.”

Furthermore, when combined with CCN’s Home at Last (HAL) program, Heather Marriot, CCN Manager of In-Home Services explains, “The new service will provide a much needed local and affordable ‘Stretcher Service’ for Northumberland residents.  This major cost savings for our ‘Home at Last’ program will allow us to service more hospital patients transitioning home safely and in a timely manner.”  

A huge thank you goes to Northumberland United Way for helping get this vital service off the ground and supporting older adults in our community through CCN’s In-Home Services. Maggie Darling, Acting Director of the NUW comments, “Community Care Northumberland is a valued community partner of United Way, and we’re grateful to be able to support essential services including Transportation, Meals on Wheels, Wellness, Home Help and Hospice Services to individuals and families in Northumberland County. As organizations, we’re continuing to listen to the needs of our community, and this year the Stretcher Transfer program was created to fill an existing gap in services. This will help to transfer individuals to and from the hospital and long-term care facilities and Ed’s House at a more affordable rate.”  

Bobby-Jo Preston, Community Care Northumberland Manager of Transportation, adds, “We are very pleased to announce the ‘Stretcher Service’ that will be provided through our Transportation Department,” stating, “It was so nice to hear from a family and client on their recent experience – they were very appreciative of the service and care that they received, from making their first call to the moment they arrived at their location.”

For further information, please feel free to contact CCN at 1-866-514-5774,

CCN Home at Last at 1-866-991-7497 or CCN Transportation at 1-866-768-7778.


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