September 2nd, 2015 - Cheque Presentation Day for Specialized Transportation

December 2015 - Partnership Video

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Northumberland United Way

Although Community Care Northumberland (CCN) is not a member agency, the Northumberland United Way (NUW) extends their support to several of our regional programs that positively impact residents throughout Northumberland County. 
Ensuring the availability and delivery of rural, accessible transportation has been an area that the NUW has been able to partner with us over the last few years.  Barriers to transportation have been identified in multiple reports affecting quality of life for many residents.  Membership on our Regional Transportation Committee and funding to help subsidize some clients has been two methods the NUW have supported CCN.    Over 2,500 people use our transportation service travelling over 1.5 million kilometres every year.  Without the NUW support many of these people would not be able to access important medical appointments, grocery shopping, schooling, and other activities.

The annual Day of Caring has benefited clients of CCN who have needed assistance with Home Help & Maintenance projects, so that these seniors can safely remain in their own homes.   
The NUW’s continuing support extends beyond direct program service but also includes opportunities for additional staff training and support on their FourInfo event calendars and on their social media outlets, helping us to get the word out about our fundraising and program events.  They are a valued partner in helping us fulfill our mission.