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Nov 8, 2021 | Uncategorized

Community Care Northumberland Receives New Employee

Community Care Northumberland (CCN) is receiving an additional $5,000 from Northumberland County to support its Specialized Transportation program, which provides accessible transportation for residents of Northumberland County with mobility issues and/or special needs. This funding will be used throughout the month of December, when there is increased ridership, to support clients using this service to attend essential appointments.

“COVID-19 has had a disproportionate impact on at-risk populations, creating additional health, financial, and inclusion challenges for people already struggling with barriers such as low income, isolation, disability and access to transportation,” states County Warden Bob Sanderson. “This additional funding for Community Care Northumberland’s Specialized Transportation program, to subsidize riding throughout December, is aimed at alleviating some of these barriers to local residents. The County continues to make strategic investments in key social infrastructure in order to enhance quality of life in our community.”

“We thank Northumberland County for this additional funding and their continued support of our transportation program, which is a vital service that many individuals rely on in our community,” says Trish Baird, Chief Executive Officer of Community Care Northumberland. “This $5,000 will provide much-needed support to help those requiring transportation to medical appointments, such as chemotherapy and dialysis.”

This funding is in addition to the 2020 operational funding of $40,000 announced earlier this year.

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