Meals on Wheels

Food is a basic need, a life necessity.  What we eat or don’t eat affects our mental, emotional and physical well-being.  Our Meals on Wheels program promotes health and independence by providing quality and affordable meals to:

  • seniors living alone
  • adults with disabilities who are unable to shop for groceries or cook for themselves
  • those being discharged from an area hospital with limited/no help available during their recovery

Benefits of Our Meals on Wheels Program:

  • We ensure that you receive nutritious meals delivered to your door by our volunteers.
  • There are hot and frozen meals options available to you, for a full list of our frozen meals check here
  • You can create an automatic meal delivery plan so you do not have to remember to call every order into the office.
  • All our Meals on Wheels containers may be used to heat it up later.
  • We can accommodate several diet types.
  • Service options are flexible, you can receive Meals on Wheels on a short-term basis while you recuperate or on a long-term basis so that you can stay healthy by eating properly in your own home.  

Program costs may be eligible for an Enhanced Rural Living Subsidy, see more information about this subsidy program by using this link here. 

Let us help you stay healthy at home.  We have Meals on Wheels program options for you no matter where you live in Northumberland County, Ontario.  For more information, contact your local Community Care Northumberland program office or start the process by completing the online

Request for Information form linked below: