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Donations to Community Care Northumberland may be made, by cash or cheque, at any of the six local offices throughout Northumberland County.


Donations can be mailed to your local Community Care Northumberland office at these locations.


Community Care Northumberland has partnered with to facilitate philanthropy through online giving.  Our secure online account is linked here.

Annual Letter Campaign

This year, we are launching our annual letter campaign in November. 

November 2016

Dear Neighbour:

As the year comes to a close I ask you to consider supporting seniors and adults with disabilities to live healthier and happier lives in our community. I am proud to be part of an excellent organization offering multiple services that helps people do just that. 

Community Care Northumberland has been offering support services in our community for more than 28 years.  Seniors and adults with disabilities benefit most from their services, such as the delivery of hot or frozen meals to their homes, transportation to medical and social appointments, assistance with housekeeping and home maintenance. Free Falls and Exercise classes along with many social opportunities to get out and stay active in the community are also offered. People needing additional security can access programs like Friendly Visiting,
Telephone Security Checks and Personal Distress Alarms helping our neighbours stay safe in their own homes
and keep their independence longer.

Community Care Northumberland has grown as the needs of residents of Northumberland County have grown now providing a Specialized Transportation (accessible and rural services) program with professional drivers and agency vans, assistance to patients returning home after hospitalization along with an an accredited visiting Hospice Palliative Care program that supports people of all ages who have a life-threatening illness or need end of life care.

Community Care Northumberland continues to provide these excellent services addressing the increasing needs of our aging population, while being sensitive to the financial constraints that people may be experiencing.  Government funds and modest service fees do not entirely cover the program costs, so we need donors like you to support this work in the community. Your donation will benefit those who require assistance in living independent and happier lives.

I am 1 of over 900 Northumberland County volunteers who actively supports the work of this agency and I would like to thank you for considering supporting them too. 

Kindest regards,

Advisory Committee Chairperson